Aviform SUPPLEAZE PROGEN Horse Joint Supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen 4kg

Aviform SUPPLEAZE PROGEN Horse Joint Supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen 4kg

Aviform SUPPLEAZE PROGEN Horse Joint Supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen 4kg
SUPPLEAZE PROGEN Horse Joint Supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen. Is a next generation equine joint supplement containing Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®). That improve joint health by addressing the root cause of immobility and not merely the symptoms.

CARING FOR YOUR HORSES JOINTS. Your horse's joints, which connect two or more bones are mostly mobile allowing the bones to move in relationship to each other. These joints are held together by the joint capsule which has a thin inner lining called the synovial membrane which produces the synovial fluid to lubricate the joint. The ends of the bones are covered by a smooth layer of articular cartilage, which is composed of specialised cells called Chondroycytes that produce a large amount of extracellular matrix (ECM). ECM is composed of two major components: 60% collagen (type II) & 30% proteoglycan (aggrecan).

Cartilage does not contain blood vessels. The chondrocytes (cartilage cells) are supplied by diffusion; therefore, cartilage grows and repair more slowly. The chondrocytes are responsible for the anabolic and catabolic balance of the cartilage metabolism.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease characterised by progressive destruction of normal articular cartilage and sub-chondral bone (Martinek 2003). It is typically manifested by pain and lameness. More than 60% of equine lameness is based on OA (Caron & Genovese 2003). The chondrocytes play a central role in the development of Osteoarthritis (OA) because they are responsible for the anabolic and catabolic balance of the cartilage metabolism.

If the balance between catabolism and anabolism is disturbed, then degenerative joint disease might develop Gelse et al. 2003; Bello & Oesser 2006. Suppleaze® Progen contains Petagile® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®), which are specific, highly purified hydrolysed collagen peptides. Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®) are a meaningful approach with focus on the causal loop of Osteoarthritis (OA).

Clinical Trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®) as potential therapeutic agents and nutritional supplements for the management of OA and supporting the maintenance of joint health in animals. Based on current data the oral administration of Petagile® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®) has a beneficial effect on Osteoarthritis in horses and can help improve & maintain joint health contributing towards preserving mobility and quality of life. The Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®) within Suppleaze® Progen are rapidly absorbed. Several clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of a Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®) treatment in the management of Osteoarthritis (OA). Bioactive Collagen Peptiedes® (BCP®) diminishes the degenerative process.

Bioactive Collagen Peptiedes® (BCP®) enter the blood stream and significantly accumulate in the cartilage and other connective tissues. Bioactive Collagen Peptiedes® (BCP®) is able to slow down the progression of Osteoarthritis (OA) and break the vicious cycle of joint degeneration. Bioactive Collagen Peptiedes® (BCP®) addresses the cause of the disease by stimulating joint cartilage metabolism.

During Bioactive Collagen Peptiedes® (BCP®) research, 67% of horse owners assessed that 25g (BCP®) supplementation led to good treatment success for the osteoarthritis (OA) of their horses. This benefit was more pronounced by administration of 50g (BCP®) per day. 80% of horse owners assessed the higher dosage as a successful treatment of their OA horse. Hyaluronic Acid is an essential component of cartilage and synovial fluid. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage, as well as the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

No added fillers or bulkers. Petagile® Bioactive Collagen Peptiedes® (BCP®) 96.15%. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 0.31%. No Fillers, bulkers or unnecessary ingredients. WEIGHT up to 300kg - Donkeys, Shetlands and Small Ponies.

For Higher Maintenance - 26g per day. For Maintenance - 13g per day.

For Future Protection - 6g per day. WEIGHT up to 300-600kg - Larger Ponies, Thoroughbreds Light Hunters, Arabs. For Higher Maintenance - 52g per day. For Maintenance - 26g per day.

For Future Protection - 13g per day. WEIGHT over 600kg - Heavy Hunters, Draught Horses. For Higher Maintenance - 64g per day. For Maintenance - 32g per day. For Future Protection - 20g per day.

1 scoop enclosed = approx. = Horse/pony with significant joint issues. = Horse/Pony with lower level joint issues or in senior years. = Horse/Pony without joint issues.

Please allow up to 6 weeks to see results. SWITCHING FROM OTHER EQUINE JOINT SUPPLEMENTS.

Suppleaze® Progen has a different method of action from almost all other equine joint supplements. If switching from Suppleaze® Gold for example, you would need to feed both products concurrently for 6 weeks to allow Suppleaze® Progen to take effect before discontinuing Suppleaze® Gold. We are approved reseller of this product. Please do not leave orders to the last minute, as we ran a shop and stock is not always accurate. Some products can take upto 10 days to arrive in fresh.

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Aviform SUPPLEAZE PROGEN Horse Joint Supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen 4kg

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