Aviform SUPPLEAZE ULTRAFLEX Equine Joint Supplement 3kg

Aviform SUPPLEAZE ULTRAFLEX Equine Joint Supplement 3kg

Aviform SUPPLEAZE ULTRAFLEX Equine Joint Supplement 3kg
SUPPLEAZE ULTRAFLEX Equine Joint Supplement. NEW - SUPPLEAZE® Ultraflex joint supplement for all horse and ponies with the required levels of Gluscosamine HCl and MSM. Provides 10g of Glucosamine HCL and 10g MSM per 25g, with added Chondroitin, Collagen, HA & Vitamin C all of the highest purity, with no fillers or bulkers.

CARING FOR YOUR HORSE'S JOINTS. Your horses joints are under wear and tear and as your horse ages, the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints reduces and the articular cartilage can be compromised. These joints are held together by the joint capsule which has a thin inner lining called the synovial membrane which produces the synovial fluid to lubricate the joint. The ends of the bones are covered by a smooth layer of articular cartilage, which is composed of specialised cells called Chondroycytes that produce a large amount of extracellular matrix (ECM).

ECM is composed of two major components: 60% collagen (type II) & 30% proteoglycan (aggrecan). Cartilage does not contain blood vessels.

The chondrocytes (cartilage cells) are supplied by diffusion; therefore, cartilage grows and repair more slowly. The chondrocytes are responsible for the anabolic and catabolic balance of the cartilage metabolism.

The chondrocytes play a central role in the development of Osteoarthritis (OA) because they are responsible for the anabolic and catabolic balance of the cartilage metabolism. If the balance between catabolism and anabolism is disturbed, then degenerative joint disease might develop Gelse et al.

2003; Bello & Oesser 2006. More than 60% of equine lameness is based on Osteoarthritis (OA) (Caron & Genovese 2003). Suppleaze Ultraflex has been formulated to supply the required levels of joint health ingredients at an affordable price to suit customers who feel their horse does not require the higher levels in our Suppleaze Gold or Suppleaze Progen.

Nourishes, conditions, replenishes and lubricates the cartilage in joints. Helps guard against further injury. Suitable for long term administration. Aids mobility in older horses.

Maintains level in the joints of glycosaminoglycans (GAG'S). Enhances the Hyaluronate content in the joint - a key component of Synovial Fluid (joint lubricant).

No added fillers or bulkers. 100% pure human grade materials.

Optimum ratio of ingredients based on latest research. Several research studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Hydrolysed Collagen treatment in the management of Osteoarthritis (OA). Hydrolysed Collagen diminishes the degenerative process.

Hydrolysed Collagen enters the blood stream and significantly accumulate in the cartilage and other connective tissues. Hydrolysed Collagen is able to slow down the progression of Osteoarthritis (OA) and break the vicious cycle of joint degeneration.

Hydrolysed Collagen addresses the cause of the disease by stimulating joint cartilage metabolism. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage, as well as the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Glucosamine HCl (not less pure Sulphate).

Fillers, bulkers or unnecessary ingredients. All highest purity (at the very least 90% purity) human grade ingredients.

Initial 30 days - 12g per day. Lower Maintenance - 6g per day. Future Protection - 3g per day. Initial 30 days - 25g per day. Lower Maintenance - 12g per day.

Future Protection - 6g per day. Initial 30 days - 35g per day. Lower Maintenance - 17g per day. Future Protection - 8g per day.

Lower Maintenance = The lower maintenance level for horses with lower level joint issues. Future Protection = Horses without joint problems but in vigorous work or senior years. 1 level scoop enclosed = approx.

Please be aware that the enclosed scoop only provides an approximate measurement. SUPPLEAZE ® Ultraflex provides a full 10g of Glucosamine and 10g for MSM per day for 300kg - 600kg horse The above is our recommended daily intake. However, levels may be adjusted accordingly to the horse's specific needs, or as directed by your veterinarian. We are approved reseller of this product. Please do not leave orders to the last minute, as we ran a shop and stock is not always accurate.

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Aviform SUPPLEAZE ULTRAFLEX Equine Joint Supplement 3kg

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