Pro-Equine Colikare 5 Litre 100% Natural & NO Banned Substances

Pro-Equine Colikare 5 Litre 100% Natural & NO Banned Substances
Pro-Equine Colikare 5 Litre 100% Natural & NO Banned Substances
Pro-Equine Colikare 5 Litre 100% Natural & NO Banned Substances

Pro-Equine Colikare 5 Litre 100% Natural & NO Banned Substances
Pro-Equine Colikare is a highly palatable, fast-acting liquid supplement designed to absorb intestinal gas and quickly help a horse feel more comfortable. The peppermint particularly helps reduce gassy build-ups and makes Colikare taste good! Colikare is ideal for horses prone to a grassy stomach or who react at times of stress. Colikare can be fed daily or only when needed. Many horse owners like to give Colikare at times of lush, spring grass or autumn'grass flushes', or when their horse is stressed or has a change of routine, or may have eaten his bedding.

Colikare works fast to disperse gas and relax stomach muscles. Colikare also contains fennel and marjoram, herbs traditionally used for wind-sucking and crib-biting. Colikare is supplied in a twin-top, easy-measure bottle.

If fed daily, a one litre bottle lasts over 3 months. Now contains British cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil making it more palatable and giving your horse valuable Omega oils and Vitamin E. We can still supply Colikare made with Sunflower Oil. The 5 litre jerry can is made from recycled plastic and is recyclable.

Ingredients: Fennel, Peppermint, Marjoram, Rapeseed oil. Feeding Guidelines: Add 10ml to feed daily. Amount can be doubled at times of stress, change of routine/pasture. Customer Feedback from Our Main Site.

We have used a number of products over the years with great results. One of my horses had a touch of gassy colic after stuffing his face with spring grass so we started him and continued to used Colicare. He then only suffered from flatulence rather than having a gassy stomach. We started our pony on the Colikare supplement just over two months ago and are so pleased with the difference it has made.

He is lamintic and a few months ago suffered from a bout of colic. He has always suffered from bloating and is prone to stomach upset during changes in the grass or stressful situations.

Colic can trigger flare-ups of laminitis so we were keen to try and find something that could help make him more comfortable and prevent another bout. Since starting on the supplement he has shown no signs of colic or stomach upset. He is visibly less bloated especially when coming out of the field and generally appears to be more comfortable. We will continue to use this product and would recommend! After having around a month of constant colic and a visit to the vet school, a change of diet helped our horse with his reoccurring colic but wasn't enough to stop him grumbling occasionally, Pamela suggested to try him on colikare and I've never looked back, his wee tummy has been so happy and colikare has made box rest so much easier to cope with.

I bought my Thoroughbred Roman in very poor condition over a year ago, I quickly realised he had an extremely sensitive digestive system and was susceptible to gassy stomachs. I choose to try the Colikare due to its fennel and peppermint properties and have never looked back. Instances of the "sore tummy shuffle" have ben lessened and it's been a god send through box-rest periods!! I'd happily recommend to anyone with similar issues!

After a very scary bout of spasmodic colic we started our pony on Colikcare, it's so reassuring knowing we can give him a product that I trust and I know works. Given the bad weather recently it really puts my mind at ease when he's not out in the field as much. Would highly recommend, Sammy thinks it taste delicious too so it's a winner all round for us! I use Colikare on the run up to shows, its like woody realises as soon as the lorry moves or a routine involves a bath it means show time, I use the Colikare more for piece of mind that it helps relieve any gassy build ups due to stress. Its also handy bottle to have in the tackroom regardless for the times things just aren't right with your horses. Have a 17 year old mare prone to suffering with intermittent gassy colic which progressively was getting worse.

After suffering two bouts in a month I found colikare. Now been administering one dose once a day in her evening feed in over a year she has only had two very mild instances. The only thing I did change at the time of starting the colikare was I took her off soaked hay and let her have it unsoaked. The reason she was on soaked hay was when I acquired her that was what the previous owner had always done it.

Ordered this product after having a sleepless night of worry after my horse having a gassy colic. He has had it each day since it arrived and thankfully so far not had another episode. I'm very much for prevention rather than cure.

I've struggled with a colicky horse from wind sucking, then discovered colikare. Product arrives promptly after placing an online offer.. Thank you, gives me peace of mind. Been using colikare for over a month now. My mare had a few spouts of spasmodic colic.

Her tummy is very settled now after using this product. My horse went through a stage of colic episodes almost twice a week for a month and previously suffered displacement colic, after using this supplement the last couple of years she's only had minor touches of colic.

Has been a huge relief finding a product to help my boy who can get gassy and colic. Since using this product hes not got at all gassy or an over active gut. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Equestrian\Horse Feed & Supplements\Horse Supplements". The seller is "greig27377" and is located in this country: GB.

This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

Pro-Equine Colikare 5 Litre 100% Natural & NO Banned Substances

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